Northshore At Lake Redwine: A Serene Haven for Single-Family Homes in Newnan, GA

December 29, 2023

Northshore At Lake Redwine, Newnan GA Homes for Sale - Tranquil Haven

I bet, like me, you’ve had your fair share of home hunts, either vicariously or in real life. My family and I have moved across this country more than I can count as a military wife. 

I’ve faced the moving saga’s ups, downs, ins, and outs. I’ve experienced the fulfilling challenges of property buying and investing. Adventure, after all, is my middle name!

Why am I sharing this? Because I’ve found a gem that you MUST know about! Especially if single-family homes tug at your heartstrings as they do mine. 

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to a paradise that’s stolen my heart – Northshore At Lake Redwine in Newnan. It’s not just another spot on the map. It’s a haven for single-family homes!

This place is enchanting! And I’m excited to introduce you to its charm!

Now, you might think, “Why Newnan?” 

Newnan is quickly becoming the top choice for both families and professionals. What could be the secret? It’s the irresistible combination of lively city energy and the tranquility of suburban living.

What Makes Newnan, GA The Perfect Choice For Families?

Discover the tranquility of Northshore At Lake Redwine, offering serene single-family homes nestled in the heart of Newman, GA


Newnan is fast emerging as the preferred haven for many families. The big reason? All the conveniences you need are right here. Newnan feels like a home with all the amenities and vibes you want. Right now, over 500 homes are awaiting new owners in Newnan.

  1. You Got the Best of Both Worlds

Newnan feels like a cozy small town but has everything a big city offers. It has the right balance of energy and tranquility. 

The population of Newnan has grown consistently over the years. As of July 2022, according to the US Census Bureau, Newnan had a population of 44,485. It’s clearly becoming a popular place to live!

  1. Thriving Real Estate Market

Families are moving to Newnan because of the robust housing market. Here, homes are spacious and inviting. It’s truly a good pick for family living.


Newnan’s Housing Scene & Market Stats

Here’s a peek at Newnan’s housing scene and stats:


Median Home Value: $361, 316

Median Listing Home Price: $429.9K

Median Listing Home Price/Sq Ft: $183

Median Sold Home Price: $374K

Price Per Sqft: $164/sqft

Median Rent: $920

Median Property Tax: $1,374


Explore the thriving real estate market in Newnan, GA, showcasing why it's the perfect choice for families seeking homes tailored to their needs


In July 2023, Newnan, GA, saw a rise in home prices. The median listing was $429.9K, an 11.7% increase from the previous year. Each square foot was around $183. 

Homes sold for an average of $374K, typically matching their listing prices. It’s evident that Newnan’s housing market is meeting expectations

  1. Balanced Lifestyle

Variety is the spice of life in Newnan. The city has many recreational spots, shopping centers, and cultural hubs. 

Your family can enjoy exciting weekend activities and relaxed days here. And if you’re in the mood for some art or history? Newnan’s cultural venues never disappoint! 

Newnan has something for everyone. You’re never left wanting for things to do or places to explore here!

  1. Economic Opportunities

Newnan could be your next big break if you’re a professional looking to advance. More businesses are coming up here because of its growing popularity. This means more career prospects are rising. And all these without sacrificing a great lifestyle! 

  1. College Options Close to Home

In Newnan, heading off to college doesn’t mean traveling far. Residents have easy access to higher education. It has three colleges right in the vicinity. 

  1. Top-Notch Education

Education is top-tier in Newnan. The schools here consistently earn high marks. Parents can confidently send their children to schools, knowing they’re in great hands. 

  1. Nature’s Beauty at Your Doorstep

Right here, we have Chattahoochee Bend State Park and The LINC. Are you into family picnics or hiking? There’s always a peaceful spot waiting for you here! 

  1. Arts, Entertainment, and Leisure Spots

Are you into arts, shopping, or love hanging out in a lively place? Newnan has all that and more! We’ve got the Centre for Performing and Visual Arts of Coweta County for culture lovers. We have Market Days in Downtown Newnan for a fun day out. 

  1. Close to a Major Airport

Hartsfield-Atlanta Regional Airport is only 29 miles away. That’s a big perk for professionals on the move and families planning getaways.

  1. City’s Growth & Development

Newnan keeps growing. New businesses and possibilities are popping up all the time. It’s exciting for professionals looking for career prospects to succeed.

Why is Northshore At Lake Redwine Newnan’s Top Choice for Single-family homes?

Single-family homes here are now popular among homeowners and investors. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Exclusive Living with Stellar Amenities

Ever thought about how some places just have that unique spark? Northshore at Lake Redwine is precisely that spot in Newnan. 

Northshore at Lake Redwine is truly in a league of its own. Here, properties aren’t just houses. They’re expressions of lifestyle aspirations! If you’ve ever longed for a lifestyle where every day feels like an upgrade, this is the place to be. Every amenity here is designed with supreme comfort and convenience in mind. 

If your heart is set on not just “a home” but “the home”, Northshore at Lake Redwine beckons with open arms. Because life here isn’t just about living, it’s about living it up, surrounded by the very best!

  1. Family-Oriented Design

For families, a single-family home isn’t just about the house itself but the community vibe. Northshore at Lake Redwine prioritizes family-centric designs and layouts. Usually, family-friendly amenities come at a price. Here, they’re part and parcel of the package.

But what truly makes this neighborhood stand out isn’t just the value or architecture. It’s the setting. Imagine waking up to birdsong and having ample space inside and outside your home.


Explore the allure of Northshore At Lake Redwine, the prime destination for families seeking exquisite single-family homes in Newman, GA


  1. A Smart Investment

Properties close to nature tend to appreciate well. You’re getting an affordable deal now if you choose this neighborhood. You’re also sitting on a property with steady value growth. It’s not just about saving money but making it, too!

  1. Nature at Your Doorstep

Northshore at Lake Redwine isn’t just selling houses. They’re giving you a place to truly call home. And in today’s fast-paced world, having a tranquil sanctuary to call your own is invaluable!

Thinking about settling down here? It’s indeed a great choice! And if the idea of home hunting overwhelms you, I am here to help. 

Contact me, Elizabeth Straessle, at 678-535-9511. I can guide you through the ins and outs of finding that perfect single-family home. 

My team and I would love to be part of your home journey in Northshore at Lake Redwine!

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